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FIL Wurz Energy World Cup Natural Track Luge Kindberg (AUT) - Day 2


FIL Würz Energy World Cup Natural Track Luge


Press Release

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011


21st – 23rd January 2011

Kindberg (AUT)




First World Cup Win for Rudi Resch (ITA)

Lavrentjeva (RUS) Continues Winning Streak



It was the perfect day for Rudi Resch: "Normally I am always very nervous, but today I wasn't at all", said the Italian after his first World Cup win. Twice he had been runner up already, but never managed to claim the top spot. In the lead after the first run he was the last athlete to go down the track in the second run. "I have never been the last person up there, it was such a different feeling. After the chicane I thought that this went well, then each single curve was good and eventually the time was good, too."

Patrick Pigneter had messed up his first run and had to attack from the fifth position which he held after the first run. "This was a very strange situation for me. In the last five or six years I have never been that far behind. I am used to starting as the last athlete. With the fastest time in the second run he had been leading and felt it was really exciting today, "he said and was the first to applaud when Resch crossed the finish line and put Pigneter in the second place.

Anton Blasbichler claimed his 49th career podium result and completed the Italian clean sweep. "I like the track here quite a lot, especially the long straights. I have also had great equipment today and I remember the track from former races and training." The most experienced athlete had not finished on the podium since Passeier in December 2007 but showed once again that he is always good for a top result.

Florian Breitenberger (ITA) who had been ranked second after the first run could not repeat his good performance and finished sixth.


With her fourth win in as many races Ekatharina Lavrentjeva (RUS) demonstrated once more that she id the number one in the luge sport. In Kindberg she won again without any problems even though she was not familiar with this track. "I have not been here since the last race five years ago. I had only the two training runs to study the track and all the curves."

Melanie Batkowski (AUT) who had missed the podium last weekend, fought back and claimed the tenth second place in her career. "My second run was practically without mistakes, much better than the first. But today I lost the first place in the finish curve in the first run. Now the margin between me and Ekatharina is exactly the time I lost there."

Not satisfied was Renate Gietl (ITA) who finished third. "I am mad at myself. This is my track here. Here I could have managed to beat Ekatharina. I made a small mistake in the first run, tried to take the curve in a tighter line in the second run and made it all worse. Well, the race is over, my full focus is the World Championship now."


The Würz Energy Weltcup will be continued on February 11th – 13th in Unterammergau in Germany.



Final Result Women (15)


1. Ekatharina LAVRENTJEVA (RUS), 1:03,75(1), 1:04,37(2), 2:08,12

2. Melanie BATKOWSKI (AUT), 1:04,36(3), 1:04,01(1), 2:08,37

3. Renate GIETL (ITA), 1:04,01(2), 1:04,61(4), 2:08,62

4. Alexandra OBRIST (ITA), 1:05,33(5), 1:04,59(3), 2:09,92

5. Melanie SCHWARZ (ITA), 1:05,10(4), 1:04,83(5), 2:09,93

6. Evelin LANTHALER (ITA), 1:05,35(6), 1:05,32(6), 2:10,67

7. Tina UNTERBERGER (AUT), 1:06,37(7), 1:06,10(7), 2:12,47

8. Marlies WAGNER (AUT), 1:06,44(9), 1:06,14(8), 2:12,58




Final Result Men (31):


1. Rudi RESCH (ITA), 1:02,61(1), 1:02,93(2), 2:05,54

2. Patrick PIGNETER (ITA), 1:03,02(5), 1:02,82(1), 2:05,84

3. Anton BLASBICHLER (ITA), 1:02,96(3), 1:03,14(5), 2:06,10

4. Thomas SCHOPF (AUT), 1:03,03(6), 1:03,17(6), 2:06,20

5. Gerald KAMMERLANDER (AUT), 1:02,96(4), 1:03,41(8), 2:06,37

6. Florian BREITENBERGER (ITA), 1:02,81(2), 1:03,65(10), 2:06,46

7. Florian CLARA (ITA), 1:03,52(9), 1:03,09(3), 2:06,61

8. Florian BATKOWSKI (AUT), 1:03,37(8), 1:03,67(11), 2:07,04

9. Thomas KAMMERLANDER (AUT), 1:03,68(10), 1:03,38(7), 2:07,06

10. Michael SCHEIKL (AUT), 1:03,72(11), 1:03,59(9), 2:07,31

13. Kaj JOHNSON (CAN), 1:04,26(13), 1:04,69(13), 2:08,95

21. John GIBSON (CAN), 1:05,45(19), 1:06,64(21), 2:12,09

22. Greg JONES (CAN), 1:06,42(22), 1:08,95(23), 2:15,37




World Cup Ranking Women (4/6):


1. Ekatharina LAVRENTJEVA (RUS)                          400

2. Melanie BATKOWSKI (AUT)                                 310

3. Renate GIETL (ITA)                                             295

4. Evelin LANTHALER (ITA)                                      240

5. Marlies WAGNER (AUT)                                       188

6. Ludmila AKSENENKO (RUS)                                 173

7. Maria KOMAREWZEWA (RUS)                             124

8. Melanie SCHWARZ (ITA)                                      115

9. Veronika NACHMANN (GER)                                 114

10. Alexandra OBRIST (ITA)                                     110



World Cup Ranking Men (4/6):


1. Patrick PIGNETER (ITA)                                       385

2. Robert BATKOWSKI (AUT)                                   274

3. Rudi RESCH (ITA)                                                246

4. Michael SCHEIKL (AUT)                                       216

5. Thomas SCHOPF (AUT)                                       205

5. Anton BLASBICHLER (ITA)                                   205

7. Thomas KAMMERLANDER (AUT)                         202

8. Gerald KAMMERLANDER (AUT)                           175

9. Florian CLARA (ITA)                                             162

10. Gernot SCHWAB (AUT)                                      130

11. Juri TALIKH (RUS)                                              124

12. Björn KIERSPEL (GER)                                      108

33. Kaj JOHNSON (CAN)                                            30

34. John GIBSON (CAN)                                              20

36. Greg JONES (CAN)                                               19



Chris Karl

FIL Media Service

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