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FIL Wurz Energy World Cup Natural Track - Gsies, ITALY - Day 2

FIL Würz Energy World Cup on Natural Track


Press Release

Sunday, January 16th, 2011


14th - 16th January 2011

Gsies/Val Casies (ITA)




Serial winner Lavrentjeva (RUS): "I love all tracks"



With an overall time which would have ranked her seventh in the Men's event, Ekatherina Lavrentjeva (RUS) once more upset all her competitors. "I really don't even know what I did in the second run", the Russian athlete laughed and added: "I did not made a single mistake today. I really don't care if the track is short or long, steep or slow, I love all tracks." None of her rivals had much to laugh about though, when they saw Lavrentjeva's run times.

"I had nothing to hold against Ekatherina today, I have to admit that", said runner up Renate Gietl (ITA). "In the second run I took full risk from start to finish, but there was nothing I could do to beat her."

Still a junior, Evelin Lanthaler (ITA) finished third with two decent runs. "I was not without flaws, but on such a long track you can also catch up time and make up for mistakes. At the finish you can feel that this is a longer track. You have to stay fully focused, but I have trained well and I can feel that I getting better and better in shape."


Third consecutive win for Patrick Pigneter (ITA)


In the men's race the challenging conditions in the second run mixed up the intermediate standings after the first run. Only Patrick Pigneter (ITA) was the usual constant in the race and celebrated his third win in as many races in this season so far. "It was very difficult to stay here without any mistake, but I did well. I had a margin from the first run, so I did not have to go full risk in the second run. In fact I started slow, as I know that on this track you can crash easily, and yet I finished with the fastest run time. I am very satisfied with my performance."

Thomas Kammerlander (AUT) claimed the second rank and was next to Pigneter the only athlete who could keep his position of the first run. "Three weeks ago I was here for the internal national qualifications and I wondered what I was doing here. But then I became better and better and now I can look back at a great weekend here. The second run today was very difficult because there were some holes in the track already and I am glad that I could complete it with a good time."

Satisfied with his results but not his performance is Robert Batkowski (AUT). "My adjustments are far from perfect, the results are good, but the rest has a lot of room for improvement", said the runner up in the overall World Cup.

Rudi Resch (ITA) who was ranked ninth after the first run, showed a convincing second run, missed the podium closely and finished fourth.



Final Result Women (18):


1. Ekatharina LAVRENTJEVA (RUS), 1:23,36(1), 1:22,59(1), 2:45,95

2. Renate GIETL (ITA), 1:24,08(2), 1:23,88(2), 2:47,96

3. Evelin LANTHALER (ITA), 1:24,22(3), 1:24,08(3), 2:48,30

4. Melanie SCHWARZ (ITA), 1:24,30(4), 1:24,15(4), 2.48,45

5. Melanie BATKOWSKI (AUT), 1:24,63(6), 1:24,95(5), 2:49,58

6. Alexandra OBRIST (ITA), 1:24,44(5), 1:25,29(6), 2:49,73

7. Tamara SCHWARZ (ITA), 1:26,84(9), 1:25,80(7), 2:52,64

8. Michaela MAURER (GER), 1:26,38(8), 1:26,88(9), 2:53,26

9. Ludmila AKSENENKO (RUS), 1:27,72(10), 1:27,78(10), 2:55,50

10. Marlies WAGNER (AUT), 1:28,94(13), 1:26,86(8), 2:55,80


Final Result Men (29):


1. Patrick PIGNETER (ITA), 1:21,31(1), 1.22,08(1), 2:43,39

2. Thomas KAMMERLANDER (AUT), 1:22,13(2), 1:22,32(2), 2:44,45

3. Robert BATKOWSKI (AUT), 1:22,84(4), 1:22,81(6), 2:45,65

4. Rudi RESCH (ITA), 1:23,17(9), 1:22,50(3), 2:45,67

5. Michael SCHEIKL (AUT), 1:23,00(7), 1:22,71(5), 2:45,71

6. Florian BATKOWSKI (AUT), 1:23,27(12), 1:22,50(3), 2:45,77

7. Hannes CLARA (ITA), 1:22,85(5), 1:23,15(7), 2:46,00

8. Gerald KAMMERLANDER (AUT), 1:22,69(3), 1:23,34(9), 2:46,03

9. Anton BLASBICHLER (ITA), 2:46,46

10. Juri TALIKH (RUS), 2:46,64

11. Georg MAURER (GER), 2:46,95

12. Florian BREITENBERGER (ITA), 2:47,22



World Cup Standings after three races:


Women (3/6):


1. Ekatharina LAVRENTJEVA (RUS)                          300

2. Renate GIETL (ITA)                                             225

2. Melanie BATKOWSKI (AUT)                                 225

4. Evelin LANTHALER (ITA)                                      190

5. Marlies WAGNER (AUT)                                       146

6. Ludmila AKSENENKO (RUS)                                 139

7. Maria KOMAREWZEWA (RUS)                             124

8. Veronika NACHMANN (GER)                                   84


Men (3/6):


1. Patrick PIGNETER (ITA)                                       300

2. Robert BATKOWSKI (AUT)                                   240

3. Michael SCHEIKL (AUT)                                       180

4. Thomas KAMMERLANDER (AUT)                         163

5. Rudi RESCH (ITA)                                                146

6. Thomas SCHOPF (AUT)                                       145

7. Anton BLASBICHLER (ITA)                                   135

8. Gernot SCHWAB (AUT)                                        130

9. Gerald KAMMERLANDER (AUT)                           120

10. Florian CLARA (ITA)                                           116

11. Juri TALIKH (RUS)                                              102

12. Björn KIERSPEL (GER)                                        80





Chris Karl

FIL Media Service


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