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FIL Wurz Energy World Cup Natural Track Luge Kindberg (AUT) - Day 1


FIL Würz Energy World Cup on Natural Track


Press Release

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011


21st – 23rd January 2011

Kindberg (AUT)




Pigneter/Clara (ITA) back on winning track



"No mistakes" was the recipe for Patrick Pigneter/Florian Clara (ITA) for the second run in Kindberg. They needed a good run to improve from the second place to the first and achieve their 17th world cup win. "Last year we were so dominating that we could win a race even with a run with a mistake. This is different this year, everybody has become faster, it is more competitive now", said Pigneter. "We also did some work on our equipment and we will improve the set up for the World Championships next weekend." With their success in Kindberg Pigneter/Clara now also scratch at the eternal best mark of 18 wins, still held by Reinhard Beer/Herbert Kögl (AUT).

The second place was once again taken by the eternal runners up, Russia's Pavel Porshnev/Ivan Lazarev, who scored the fastest time in the second run, but could not pass Pigneter/Clara. The Russians hold a record of 24 second places in the World Cup, followed by the long retired Beer/Kögl with 17 second places.

First run leaders Christian Schopf/Andreas Schopf (AUT), who were on winning course until the last corner, eventually finished third. "We were a little bit late for the last curve and tried to correct this, but instead we put the sled across the track and lost too much time." The brothers were not discouraged, though, and optimistic for the upcoming World Championships: "We know that we are among the top contenders now and we will focus on the future. We can forget today's race and a third place is not a bad result after all."


The overall World Cup is still wide open: Pigneter/Clara and Porschnev/Lazarev are tied at the first position, chased closely by Schopf/Schopf. The Würz Energy World Cup will be continued in Unterammergau, Germany, on February 11th to 13th, after the World Championships in Umhausen (AUT) and the European Junior Championships in Laas (ITA).




Final Result Doubles (10):


1. Patrick PIGNETER/Florian CLARA (ITA), 1:06,40(2), 1:06,11(2), 2:12,51

2. Pavel PORSHNEV/Ivan LAZAREV (ITA), 1:06,74(3), 1:05,92(1), 2:12,66

3. Christian SCHOPF/Andreas SCHOPF (AUT), 1:06,19(1), 1:06,51(3), 2:12,70

4. Christian SCHATZ/Gerhard MÜHLBACHER (AUT), 1:07,13(4), 1:07,34(6), 2:14,47

5. Thomas SCHOPF/Andreas SCHÖPF (AUT), 1:07,79(6), 1:06,74(4), 2:14,53

6. Florian BREITENBERGER/David MAIR (ITA), 1:07,69(5), 1:07,29(5), 2:14,98



World Cup Ranking Doubles (4/6):



1. Patrick PIGNETER/Florian CLARA (ITA)                           355

1. Pavel PORSHNEV/Ivan LAZAREV (RUS)                          355

3. Christian SCHOPF/Andreas SCHOPF (AUT)            290

4. Christian SCHATZ/Gerhard MÜHLBACHER (AUT)             240

5. Stanislav KOVSHIK/Ilya TARASOV (RUS)                         128

6. Aleksandr EGOROV/Petr POPOV (RUS)                          125

7. Thomas SCHOPF/Andreas SCHÖPF (AUT)                       115

8. Florian BREITENBERGER/David MAIR (ITA)             96

8. Björn KIERSPEL/Christian WICHAN (GER)                          96










Chris Karl

FIL Media Service


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